Before The Wedding Day

I usually get to know the couple either by telephone or in person before their wedding day, so I can have an idea of what their expectations are for the day and how they will use my services. This also gives the couple the opportunity to ask me any questions and to let me know what is important to them.

The Wedding Day

My services can include taking photographs of the wedding day from the very beginning to the end. I could start from the very early hours when bride is getting ready (dress, make up, hairdressing, etc.) and then continue with the the wedding ceremony, reception, dinner and party.

A session including a more formal/traditional type of photographs with family members can also be arranged. When we meet before the wedding we will discuss what you would like and how we can do it.

Service Delivery

I can adapt my service to the preference, interest, and budget of every couple.

I would be glad to answer to your inquiries.